Utilizing Our Combined Engineering and Welding Experience

Pioneer Mat Washing has designed and built two portable washing units, both of which are fully enclosed to contain all water and dirt during the washing process.

Our washers are simple in nature and designed with key components in mind:

  • Pump
  • Generator
  • Flock tank and centrifuge
  • Shale bin and shaker
  • Boiler

An Efficient Closed-Loop System

Our closed-loop units recycle water while collecting dirt and debris using a shaker and centrifuge. Our pumps are the biggest in the industry, allowing us to pump high volumes of water and pressure.

Provided Service Year-Round

We have the only mat washing units that, thanks to their boilers, allow us to wash mats even in -40℃ weather.

Loaders for Added Efficiency

In addition to our washing services, Pioneer can provide unloading and loading with our loaders.