Our Environmental Commitment

As the world’s precious resource water is key to our work, Pioneer Mat Washing understands that our role is to use this resource responsibly. We know that mat washing is a requirement for many construction and oil & gas sites and that we can provide this service in an efficient, sustainable way. Notably, our services have a proven positive effect in areas such as transportation and agriculture, where we can actively reduce fossil fuel usage and impact on the landbase.

Sustainable Practices with Technology

Pioneer’s mobile mat washer is an enclosed portable that recycles water in a closed-loop system. The dirty water that comes off the mats enters the closed loop to separate the dirt and debris from the water. The processed (and now clean) water is then used to clean the next mat, reducing any additional use of local water resources.

Using a closed-loop system as opposed to a pressure washer ensures that we save as much water as possible.

Benefits with Pioneer


Though Pioneer has a yard in Grande Prairie where cleaning services are provided, this may not be feasible for all projects. Dirty worksite mats weigh more than clean ones, meaning transport costs automatically go up due to the additional trucks needed to deliver the mats to us. That’s why, thanks to our mobile washer, dirty mats are washed on-site and trucks only need to move clean mats as needed, reducing trucking costs.

Land Conservation

We know that mats are used on construction and oil & gas sites to provide temporary roads and reduce any impact on the land, such as erosion from equipment tracks and tires. However, erosion can still be a risk, especially in wet conditions. By using our enclosed wash bay and closed-loop system, no excess water is left on site which (coupled with heavy equipment) can damage the landbase.


As some projects will at various times be taken through farmers’ fields, protecting local crops is incredibly important. Though mats (as mentioned above) reduce any damage left behind, we must also consider what mats may bring with them once off-site. If not washed carefully, there can be cross-contamination of seeds affecting crops or the introduction of fast-spreading noxious weeds like clubroot. Our equipment is proven to give your mats a better clean, effectively mitigating risks of cross-contamination.